Cetrucflotte  is  a  multifaceted  graphic  exploration  laboratory.  Beyond  our  projects,  we  also  experiment  on  different  mediums.

Plotter02 06Plotter02 03

Generative sculptures creating imaginary shapes. Tool: Staedtler pigment liner and indian ink.

Plotter Couleur 02Plotter Couleur 01

Randomly generated structures. Use of Posca for coloring to play on the blending when overlapping the shapes.

Img 20200824 233723  01Img 20201006 165517  01Img 20201007 184614  01

Superposition of lines to create optical and material effects. Use of Staedtler pigment liner and white Uniball Signo.

Cyanotype 01Cyanotype 02

Experimentation mixing generative art and printing process for rendering. Use of the cyanotype printing technique.


Micro-edition: stories and photographs of a wild journey to Hong Kong and China.

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